Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Water intrusion is a serious problem in a house. Make sure the ground surrounding the foundation does not have neutral or negative slope. The perimeter of the foundation should have at least a 1/2" of positive slope for 6-10' away from the foundation. When water seeps into the foundation in a finished basement, mold can begin to form.  Mold can cause serious health issues. While preforming a Home Inspection in the Kansas City area I noticed there was negative slope around the foundation. Even though there was no moisture stains on the finished basement walls, I took a moisture reading of the walls in the area where the negative slope was and it resulted in a 100%  moisture reading. Because of that reading I recommended a mold test be preformed. These pictures are of an air quality mold test taken from that house.

Do you have negative slope?

If you do, you could also have mold growing undetected behind your walls in your finished basement.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall is vastly approaching so Remember to Clean those Gutters out ahead of time and periodically during the Fall Season. Leaves and twigs can quickly clog your gutters and downspouts in the fall. Cleaning them frequently will allow your gutters and downspouts to drain properly therefore protecting your Homes Foundation!!

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